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EnRoute Cargo & Charter was founded with a vision of delivering tropical foods and perishables, essential products, machinery, parcels, and packages to our network of retail partners across the Americas, with an eye towards deploying exceptional customer service to traditional exporters/importers. EnRoute Cargo & Charter’s unique business model also features a financial inclusion component, offering monetary assistance and key resource support to small- and medium-sized farmers and food processors in Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin/South America looking looking to more efficiently trade and export with stakeholders within the US and Canadian markets.

Air Cargo

We specialize in Ad Hoc transporting of goods using our chartered planes on a international level.

Passenger Flights

Our private charter planes are designed for passenger flights based on a schedule, and can be selectively booked.

Customs Clearance

We understand the challenges to clear customs. We assist in the clearing of goods and passengers to select destinations.

Warehouse Storage

We provide long-term storage facilities that are temperature-controlled to keep your shipment safe for transport.

Freight Forwarding

Our full-service approach allows us to help you transport your shipment to and from the charter planes.

Perishable Delivery

We deliver tropical foods and perishables to our network of retail partners across the Americas.

EnRoute Cargo & Charter Inc

The founding team and managing executive of EnRoute Cargo & Charter Inc. possess storied expertise in the air cargo, freight, and passenger transportation sectors. Our founding team has painstakingly built strategic partnerships and relationships across the globe, enabling EnRoute Cargo & Charter Inc. to focus on ensuring that our clients and customers enjoy a seamless and consistent service, regardless of where they are located. EnRoute Cargo & Charter Inc. is equipped to handle both inbound and outbound cargo.

EnRoute Cargo & Charter Inc. has hyper-focused on developing beneficial relationships with governments in the Caribbean and Africa so that they can help empower the local farmers to become better prepared for the standards and demands of global export. Our team includes food scientists, agronomists, food importers/ exporters, and other sector experts who allow us to be well positioned in our efforts towards building EnRoute Cargo & Charter Inc. into a formidable niche market freight airline.


Trevor Fortune

Trevor Fortune began his career as an entrepreneur – arriving in Canada from Trinidad and Tobago as a young man of 24. Trevor was awarded a grant of $3.3 million from the Canadian Federal Government to pioneer the development of micro and small businesses within the African-Canadian community in Toronto in 1976. Trevor has the honourable distinction of becoming the first Black business professional to have been granted such a notable sum of money from the Canadian government.

Trevor is a serial entrepreneur and has worked in corporate management, marketing, and sales across several business sectors over the last four decades. Trevor has extensive travel experience within Africa, providing consulting services to African raw materials producers and agri-business interests. Trevor has been instrumental in forming joint ventures between African partners and Caribbean/Canadian businesses, with a focus on facilitating a platform and consistent pipeline of goods and services ready for purchase and consumption across Canadian, US, and European markets.

Trevor is a member in good standing with a number of strategic business and non-profit organizations in Canada, including: The Toronto Board of Trade, Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce, The African Union 6th Region, and the Toronto Caribbean Carnival. He has developed a network of reliable suppliers of cargo and passenger services in Africa, USA, South America, and the Caribbean.

Central to Trevor’s business vision is his goal of empowerment and economic inclusion for black and other minority young professionals who desire exposure to and integration into the global agriculture, food production, and international trade sectors. 

Trevor seeks to use his decades of entrepreneurship experience, business savvy, and a knack for identifying opportunities in a bid to uplift black and minority business professionals so that they can compete more efficiently in this fast-paced, twenty-first-century global economy.

Adam J. Wickstead

Adam is the President and CEO of Aeronigma Solutions, an aviation-based global logistics firm, established in 2009 in Vancouver, B.C.

Aeronigma Solutions maintains a primary focus on project-based logistical solutions for the mining and resource sector. Aeronigma provides custom-made logistical solutions for remote, complex, domestic, and international projects, utilizing all modes of transport, ocean, air, truck, and rail. Aeronigma is also called upon to engage in a feasibility study to explore and start up capital projects requiring an achievable operational and financial logistical approach, to building infrastructure to support the project life, including remote air strips, aircraft procurement and selection, and pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to include CAP X / OP X strategies.

Partnered globally with Rock–it Cargo, Aeronigma offers world-class resources, managing global logistics for touring acts such as Lady Gaga, Bryan Adams, Cirque De Soleil and U2. Through the partnership of Rock–it Cargo, Aeronigma has a global reach of high-calibre resources and buying power with all international air carriers and marine providers.

Adam has a significant background in Aviation and Logistics, having started his aviation career after University in Calgary during Operation Desert Storm. Adam was responsible for the civilian airlift of all the equipment from Canada sent to fight the fires in Kuwait. This strategic airlift involved over 50 dedicated cargo and passenger flights from Canada to Kuwait.

Upon completing education in General Studies from the University of Calgary, Adam was recruited by Canadian charter carrier Canada 3000 Airlines. In 1992, Adam had his first touch with a B757-200 Aircraft from YVR – HNL; this was the first contracted flight Adam was responsible for. At the time, Canada 3000 Airlines operated 2 aircraft both in the B757-200 series. This rapidly grew to a total of 46 aircraft of various series… B757, A320, A318, A319, A330, A340.

With the introduction of the A330, Canada 3000 Airlines was instantly a player in the global wide-body market. Canada 3000 Airlines, at peak, flew 13 weekly flights into the Hawaiian Islands. Adam played a major role in the development of cargo traffic, both import and export in addition to interline traffic from Asia. Aloha Airlines was the chosen service provider under the leadership of Ken Best and Eddie Araujo.

One of Adam’s fondest memories and achievements was on the Island of Kona. Adam convinced local business owners Joe and Phil Wilson to utilize the B757 flights from Halifax, direct to Kona for Canadian lobster transport. Through the faith and trust of the Wilsons at Kona Cold Lobster, Adam was responsible for the very first Canadian Lobster tails to hit the Islands. Adam is still in contact with the Wilsons today!

Upon the demise of Canada 3000 in 2001, Adam served as GM of Products and Engineering at Cascade Aerospace. After a 3-year role, Adam returned to his roots in Logistics to work with the Pacific Group and secure the Logistics contract for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games under VANOC, the host organizer.

Throughout those seven years, Adam took a lead role in the support of all nations to attend the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Adam was personally responsible for managing international air and ocean logistics relating to the event, as well as liaising with the participating bodies, such as the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland; the sponsors, such as the Japan Broadcasting Group, Heineken, Aggreko Power, and Samsung among others; and the participating teams from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

Through this experience, Adam and his team at Aeronigma are often called upon to solve complex aviation-based problems. Recently, Aeronigma was brought in to support Aid Canada in the rebuilding and supply of Nepal after a devastating earthquake in the country.

Currently, Aeronigma is engaged in aircraft management for the Canadian North, supporting Cargo and Passenger flights to Canada’s diamond mines. Aeronigma is also under AOG Contract for several national Canadian carriers to maintain their emergency parts and supply under AOG conditions.

Adam resides in Vancouver, with his wife Megan, who is a US Attorney of Law, holding both California and Washington state bar credentials, daughter Zenna and son Valen, and daughter Isolde. Adam is a passionate car guy, and enjoys soccer with the kids and spending time at their beach home in Vancouver.


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“Enroute Cargo & Charter Inc. are our trusted partner for delivering our shipments to and from USA.”
Sara Johnon
"Glenn has always been professional by providing support for our shipments to be delivered on time."
John Milson
Looca CTO
"I really appreciate how Enroute Cargo & Charter Inc. has been helping my business grow internationally. ”
Ben Lourenson
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